Defance and space best stock 1-Data pattern 2-Zen tec. 3-MTAR tec. 4-Paras 5-DCX system

We have analysed 25 private companies and published a report where they said that the PSUs are dominating the defence industry, but if there is going to be growth in private companies then they believe that the complete control of the government should be under control. It will be less. 

The first most important point is the capex of the private company. If it is between 600 to 700 crores, then again, it is important that why will any company spend money on capex. Why will it be imposed, until the business is not understood, the government will not support it. When I come, everything that is coming to me is money. You will also invest something there, the balance sheet of the private company is strong and the profit has also increased. Everything is positive and. In my view, this is the most important point because. It will come to your mind that we are a good company. How to catch this. This is the secret of a good company. And now Adani is going to jump with a lot of money, in defence you saw that not just one but many reasons were given on the basis of which 20%. There has been some growth.

It is not possible to analyse 25 companies, so we chose some companies whose order book, strong valuation, good future plan and are aligned with the government policies. To do this. Yes and all the companies are defence companies so that much business. In deep. There is no need to know but our focus is on order book and valuation. Focus on that thing also. Someone is doing it.

1-Data pattern

Defance and space best stock 1-Data pattern 2-Zen tec. 3-MTAR tec. 4-Paras 5-DCX system
This is the fastest growing company in Defence, space and electronic sectors. It is fastest, it is growing, I said this because. This is the order book which includes production development and service, these are the three parts. In what way is their growth taking place on the basis of? FCI has tried to show growth year after year, 2021 and 22 May are a little down.

Our Indian government’s focus is on defence, we should export the product, so that the exporters pay, when we come, we will come again You will get paid 16% here, these people are also doing export. Yes this is also one. This is an important point, now quickly see the valuation, let us take the stock price P 92.5 and the industry price P 70.5. It is a bit expensive but the valuation per PG ratio is good.

2 - Zen Technology -

This company provides training and drone solutions by combining domestic export total here. How much revenue is he generating from their training and anti-drone system? I tried to show it here, its valuation is P78.2, industry is P75.0, PG ratio is 1.3, this is a good food.

3 - MTAR Technology

This is a company related to Defence. It also works in the nuclear and green energy sectors, where we have issued an order book for you for Rs 915 crore as of 31st March 2024, of which 58.6% is its revenue coming from clean energy fuel sales and defence. which is grey from where 6% is there and the space which is theirs. If it is 15% then this is again an important point that which company is earning how much revenue from where. It is very important to understand that. It happens to them now. Export business. We have put our eye on the pay, export pay is very high, their focus is on 38% export. This is happening and the government is also focused on export, so they can get one benefit there, so if you look at their valuation, it is P92.1 and industry P102 is a bit expensive and if you pay Aadhar on PG ratio, it is dangerously expensive because it is 12.5 The ratio of P is

4 - Paras

This company designs, develops and manufactures engineering products and solutions for Defence and space. She books their order and pays there. It looks very lovely, it is continuously increasing. It happened, and it increased to dangerous levels, it happened here. Valuation We, log, check, do to 92.1 industry. P is and stock P is 183, that is, expensive at risky level, Pi ratio is 19.1, expensive at risky level.

5 - Dcx system

This company is involved in system integration business and mainly works for defense. If she does it domestically then it is 29%. And 71% export is also open to you. This is seen as per stockP259.1 IndustriesP75.8 and PG ratios 0.1083 i.e. If you look at the valuation, it is the best company

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