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Ek company Aisi hai jo sabse unic Karne Wali Hai battery mein. Ji haa aapke pass EV ka kaunsa share hai. Comment mein bataiye

Aapke Samne hum micro level say baat karenge. Ki 1992 mein UNFCCC ki sthapna hui thi jaha global warming net zero emission Jaise problem se nipatne ke liye Solution nikalne ki baat hui yahin se shuruaat hui EV wheekal ke liye. Kyunki net zero emission ko pane ke liye diesel aur petrol ka use to kam karna padega.

 To agar ham global EV sel ki baat kare to 2020 say 2022 tak four time increment hua hai India Mein joki bahut mamuli hay. Yani India mein to aporirtunity jyada hai ab. Aise mein India bhi piche nahin hai Indian ne bhi EV sector ko lekar kafi kuchh announcement pahle hi kiya tha aur recently minister of road transport and highway kay baray may Nitin Gadkari ji ne kaha ki 2030 tak india 1cr. EV sel per year ko achieve karega. ev stocks India

Database ke according 34.54 lakh. EV register ho chuke hain hamare desh mein aur india ke EV sell ko dekhee to year on year growth gajab ka hai.  So recently delhi mein hue EV expo 2023may Jo kaha hay vo sunna zaruri Hai. To 2030 tak India 1cr. ka annual sel ko achieve karne ka plan kar rahi hai evening mein aur is target ko achieve karne ke duration mein 5cr. se jyada job create hogi government ne retro fitting ke liye permission bhi de diye jisse existing polluting vehicle hybrid ya fulli EV mein convert honge aur ye bhi bahut behtarin baat hone wali hai aur is total process mein 2030 tak EV se 100 billion dollar se jyada ka revenue generate hoga. Government public transport aur logistic ko EV mein convert karne ka plan kar rahi hai. Ab humne ye dekh to liya ki agale 5 Sal mein kitni growth ki hai EV sector mein. To aise  mein kaun se stock benefit de sakte hain kaha invest karna chahie.Ye janne se pahle ye samajh lena hai ki target ko achieve karne ke liye jo 5cr. Job ki baat government nay ki hai vo aaegi kahan se. 

To ab EV sector new emerging sector hai kyunki late 1990 se hii EV ka revolution chal raha tha lekin last ke kuchh year mein growth dekha hai aur yee lagatar gro hone ka anuman hai. To ab is growth mein RND,manufacturing, charging development, skill development hone wala hai tabhi to 5CR. job aaenge.

 To ab industry ki baat karee to auto mobile se related yahaa per jo sabse important baat hai EV charging mein vo aata hai battery aur battery ke liye lithium ion battery. Ab inko banane ka process hai to sabse pahle exploration and mining hota hai uske bad lithium chemical ko refine karte hain aur uske bad cathode jaise active material ka production hota hai. Aur last mein sales kii battery ka manufacture hota hai ye ek process hai. 

Hain Kaun se stock hai jinka major contribution hoga isay banane mein yani koon sii company kya kar rahi hai vo batane ka maksad hota hai. ev stocks India –

EV stocks India

Himadri specially

  1. Yee company lithium ion batteries mein jo raw material use hota hai usmein ek material jo ki cathode hai uska manufacture karti hai aur ye demand badhta hi Jayega.
  2. 2023 Tak recent year mein company ne 5.75cr ka investment kiya hay battery technology ne Jo lithium ion batteries ke liye high capacity Silicon ko manufacture karti hai.
  3. Financial ko dekhee to stock ke Pi – 41.3 Hai jabki industry 33.6 hai thoda mahanga Hai. Lekin bahut growth diya hai OPM percentage mein kafi acchi growth mili hai 1.5 year mein 6% Se 13% ho gaya hai jo bahut hi achii baat hai.


  • Yee company soda s ka production karti hai jiska use (glass,paper solar glass) jo lithium ion ki battery ko banane ke liye kiya jata hai.
  •  Revenue khi baat karee to sodacin 98% ka revenue company generate karti hay yani company 40 milian ka caps karegi wo soda project ko Gujarat mein setup karegi Jiski total capacity  5lak ton Per year hogai.
  • Company ne yah electric vehicle ki demand ko pura karne ke liye Kiya Hai. Aur iska use lithium ion battery ko banane ke liye Kiya jata hai aur 2030 Tak is capacity ko double karne ka bhi plan hai.
  • Agar Ham financial Dekhen to p-6.6 or industry p-3.6 the yani agar order book sahi raha to aane wala hai maja to Aise sochte Hain ki order book par najar rakhenge. 
  • Profit ki baat karen to result thode kamjor hai lekin yearly kafi achcha hai

NEOGEN Camical Ltd.

  • Ye vehicle share bromin aur lithium based chemical compound ko manufacture karti hai business segment ko samjhe to organic chemical ka kam hai Jahan organic mein bromin compound or inorganic mein lithium based chemical product banati hay.
  • April 2023 mein company japan ke iconic solution se partnership Kiya hai jahan vo EV battery ke liye electrolite banaye gii.
  • Company ne 250matrik ton battery electrolyte manufacturing plant 150cr ka capex announce kiya hai. 

AMI Organics Ltd.

  • Yee company pharmaceuticals intimate ke sath kuchh speciality chemical ko bhi banati hai iske alava company ne ek naya segment shuru kiya hai jahan vo electrode ka production karte hain.
  •  Jiska use battery mein hota hai aur iske liye company apne fulli on subsidy amy organic electrolytes private limited ka use kar rahi hai jaha 100 se 110cr ke capex ka plan Hai.
  • Yahi announcement kiya hai p-56.6 Hai industry bhi 35.7 hai fir apni holding ko increase ki hai is share mein. 

KPIT Technology

  • Yee automatic company ko software aur product engineering service provide karati hai mostally revenue USA or Europe se aata hai USA se 39% ka  Europe se 40% ka yani milke Honge 79% ka company ka profit last 5year mein 326% CAGR se gro kiya hay.
  • Casium sodium ion battery ek technology banane ke liye world mein kuchh company ke sath collaborate kiya hai aur India ki pahli aur duniya ki sirf 4 player mein se ek hai jo sodium ion batteries per kam kar rahi hai.
  • Ager sodium and technology ko samjhe To KPIT Nay yee claim kiya hai ki ye lithium se achaa hoga jaha raw material mein 60 se 70% ki bachat hogi aur overall battery cost ko 30% se kam karegi lithium ion batteries mein heating Ishu jyada hote hain jo yahaa per Khatm ho jaenge aur agar khatm ho gaye to definittely ek behtarin solution hoga jahan pay ye is company ke liye ek dhamakay ka return banane mein help karegi.
  • Aur aise hi  Agale teen year Tak company pilot project per kam karegi jaha vo 300cr ka capex kar rahi hai aur 100 megawatt ka ek plant lagane ke liye bhi is technology Ka test Kiya Jaega.

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