PSU bank rally | Top PSU stock | SBI bank shares | PNB bank shares | UCO bank share

PSU bank rally | Top PSU stock | SBI bank shares | PNB bank shares | UCO bank share

We will talk about future when we will talk about PSU stock and PSU Bank, whether it was a bubble that has burst or what you are telling people. What is true, what is the story and how is it being compared because it is such an interesting world but some people are also relating it to the tank. You all must have heard about Kirtan Pare’s scan.

What is the percent return given by the stock of Aaeng in the last 4 months and in 2024 it is running now, it has been 40 days, that is 40 days in the market, how much percent has it fallen from the vehicle, will you know if someone will pass you?  What is the position in the stock and what is its percentage. We are going to cover about PSU Bank and Railways because actually there is a lot of interesting data about PSU Bank.  10 August 2023 When Modi ji opened up that PSU stock is not running, LIC is continuously getting stronger today.

PSU bank

 So you will know that a company is worth 25000 crores, it is holding 98% of it, 2% is with the government, it is only being traded in the market, so basically shares worth 500 crores are being traded, here we will explain it with an example.  But first understand that when only Rs 500 crore shares are being traded, it means that there is very less share in the market, like UCO Bank, government holding 95.39%, Central Bank government holding 93.08%, like PSU Government holding, someone or something in your stock.  There is power in the position and if Yah Nahin understands the issue of FIR then there will be loss due to little knowledge.

PSU bank rally | Top PSU stock | SBI bank shares | PNB bank shares | UCO bank share

Now if we look at UCO Bank, 95.39% government pass means 4.61% is being traded in the open market, Jab Modi ji, where are you, brother, it is good and people have started buying, a huge buying rally has happened on one side and in this  There is a game of supply and demand. Anyway, let’s talk about history. 350 years ago, a great man of the world had said this and the thing that has been raised has also come in a niche. If you remember the name, you can tell Newton, everyone knows that he said this.  That is, if something is rising, it has to come to the niche, although it means that there is no action in the market due to gravity, it is rising, then for booking a little profit, the niche is coming and coming back, it is rising.  The timing of PSU banks is negative in the market.

 Once the RSI comes in the zone of 75, a fall is seen in the PSU bank index, this is looking like a major negative point.  If we look at the P ratio of UCO bank the book value is 2.63, this is also overvalued if we look towards the central bank, the same story is being seen in the central bank.  And the second major negative point i.e. the first chart second is the valuation. We are seeing that there is a share of booking profit in the short term but the plan of the government is a doctor for the future, its direct positive impact will be seen on PSU banks like the budget.  In the announcement, the government had said that approximately Rs 14.13 lakh crore was lost.  Now a large part of the government bonds is with PSU banks so this is a positive point but it is important to note that the government has not yet told its date so this may be good for long term but on short term basis.  By not playing the game immediately, we can conclude by combining positive and negative that any stock gives double triple profit and booking profit is made on any stock.

You look at Electra when it once made a good amount of money and gave it to profit booking but it went back badly.Now see in Borosil Renewables, once you have made good money, you have given FIR profit booking and then you have seen this in any stock. If you want, you can look at Bajaj Finance. So now we are running on data about which we talked about which we will show if we talk.

 within 6 months✓ 



 IRFC +165%


 NHPC +62%

 In this way, we keep talking every now and then that whatever they have made high in 2024 and what has fallen from there, what is the story in that.

 SGVN – 35%

 RVNL – 34%

 IFC – 31%

 IRCON – 31%

 NHPC – 30%

 That there is a decline and this is a very big learning.  Whenever anything does not work out continuously then the niche for booking profit comes back and gets stronger from the niche.

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