top solar stocks after budget in india


Stocks after budget

Now let’s move on to the topic of ‘Per Suryoday Yojana’ solar stocks after budget in india which 1 crore families will get to install solar panels on every solar panel in their house. How the whole world and our country is working towards renewable energy and with this scheme we are seeing more growth in the overall sector.  The biggest benefit that you will get from this scheme will be seen in the form of reduction in the electricity bill because when solar is used at people’s house, solar energy will be used and you will be able to use the electricity from it. Here is a recent article by Council of energy environment and water.  According to the study, India currently has the power to produce 637 gigawatts of energy from its roof top. There are approximately 7 to 8 residential houses which have installed roof top solar system which have produced 4 gigawatts of solar capacity. There is no capacity expansion from the scheme.  We will see a boost in solar power in India, which has started increasing since 2017. 1% of the country’s total power has come from solar power, which has now increased to 5%. Under the 14th National Electricity Plan, the market share of solar power is 202.25.  You will understand what the story will be, simply understand that the government will install ₹ 1cr solar panel in itself, along with solar panel, which business will grow and with it will get help. There is a need to solve the problem of pure segment here.  Which will have direct and indirect impact

Are you planning to start with solar panels? The company that makes solar panels will be the biggest. Where are the companies making 1cr mega panels? The companies that make them should be at the forefront. Now there is a problem here that the number of companies making solar panels is the same in the market.  There is no listed company, there is a different energy, there is such a company which is taking IPO, there is some time to invest directly in such a manufacturing company, it will be a bit difficult to talk about this company too.

top solar stocks after budget in india

1 - borosil renewables

This company makes solar glass.


2-exid industry

The solar stocks after budget in india will need to be attached to the battery so that the energy can be stored from the solar panel and its use can be used because the battery will need to be attached to the solar panel. Here, India mostly imports the battery from China. Now look at the major player exit.  There is an industry that is making batteries and this company is buying most of its goods from vehicles, that is why more than 70% of the material cost is on the company’s debt. To this the profit margin is low due to that reason make India pay.  If we focus on this, then we believe that as much as it has come from the market, installation and commissioning also has to be done, so after installing the solar panel, the energy consumption is reduced.

3 - Finolex cable, polycab wires

 Bad wire of solar panel and battery is required for connection. Look at the wire cable industry. Finolex cable industry is very important. These companies hold a market share of 45 to 47% as per the data. Is it bad next?

4 - HPL electric and Genus power

 If you add 1 crore panels to 1 crore smart meters, where will you have to install a smart meter? Why will you install panels on top of your house? It is up to you to use as much as you want, now you will sell the energy saved to the government.  Through the meter it will be found out that how much energy is being used on the net, hence the company making smart meter will be benefited and it will also benefit in the future which is going to increase the market share.

5 - Tata Power

Then in the installation and commissioning process, we have seen the solar energy related product and the companies making it, but its installation and commissioning also has to be done after installing the solar panel.  This is the biggest company.  ji is the one who does the full work.

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