3Under value Defence Stock HAL Share Bharat Electronics

1 - HCL

The company is involved in the business of manufacturing and repairing aircraft and copters. The company only gets payments from the Ministry of Defense. It is highly reliable because most of the orders are received from there. The company has orders of more than 83000 crores which also includes orders for upgrading aircraft from the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army. If we come to P, the stock of P 70.8 in the industry is of P 38.8 and if you look at the PG ratio, it is 1.62, that is, the PG ratio is slightly above 1, that is, it is a little expensive but PG is correct on the basis of ratio. If ROS and ROE are above 15%, then it is good and it is above 15%. Here, if we look at the promoter in the investor’s position, the holding is near 71.64% and FI is near 12.93%. FI has a holding of 9.13%. If we come to the profit loss statement, then I always say that keep focus on OPM percentage, that tells the whole game and if OPM percentage is from history, then If you see, since 2012, it is running at a very good level, around 25%, and why is that happening, it is only and only because the order book means that the company is getting very good orders. Now the most important thing that I said was that the market fell in March, you people got scared. Now here first of all we learn a little about the learnings of March. This is the time in March when the stock fell. Now if we look at the fall in the stock, it fell from 3400 to 2900. Now if someone invests on someone’s words without knowing and understanding, then there can be a fall of 400 to 500. But the lesson to learn here is what did you think before investing, what did you understand before investing because it is very important to know that if we are an investor and we are thinking like an investor, then even if our stock falls by 20%, we should not be afraid because the company is good, the fundamentals of the company are good, because if there is a fall in the market, then everyone will fall, this is a very clear thing. Now the second angle is that if the prices are falling and you do not have the shares and you are being told that there is a very good opportunity then it always helps a lot to have price action there and using the price section, it gets to know where we have to take the trade.


2 - Bharat Electronics

The company provides electronic equipment such as radar, missile systems and naval systems to the defense sector, and carries out all its operations under the Ministry of Defense. If you look at its order book, it is worth Rs 65356 crore, most of which is from the defense sector. And recently a project has been approved by the government to buy 25-year defense retirement system, for which Rs 8000 crore will be spent and if this radar is made, then the company’s order book will be available. Now we go back here, the stock P on BE is 45.1, industry P is 68.9, which means it is cheap on P, PEG ratio is 2.85, which means the stock is somewhere expensive per PEG ratio, ROS is above 15% which is a good ratio, investors will come in holding, and the premotor’s 51.14 is 17. 7 and the 23.37 of the dee is a small sim which we are holding, similarly here again we see what was the OPM percentage of the old times and today’s i.e. operating topic margin percentage, you will find from 2012 till now that it is working at its most premium level that is 22% 23% 25% of the firm, you go to the chat and you know on the chat that the stock is performing and I have taught this, look at any stock, if the OPM percentage is increasing then there are chances of getting growth in the stock, we are learning again late, the learning is that this stock has fallen, see the time of March, if someone has understood without knowing, then it came from 210 to 180 because if you understood without knowing, then again the story will be the same, keep a vision in investment, use 5 years, in 5 years, who knows how many times the stock will fall, how many times it will rise, you cannot do anything for that, like here also when the market went up, the first time you dropped it, the second fall which we The point is that our price, see this, fell from the proper support in the market downtrend and went up after that, now you will say that if it went up then it is a thing. So here the breakout of double top has happened, so this is its story which we are seeing.


3 - Mazagon Dock Ship bul Limited -

This is a Navy company, it plays this role for the Navy, from 1960 till today the company has built 801 vessels for the Indian Navy and the company has sub-marine cargo and passenger ship, the most recently completed INS Imphal of ISI company which was commissioned in December 2023, till 2023 if we look at December, then the order book was 38389 crores, so now let’s go back, on its screen it is P29 and the industry is P30.9, the PEG ratio is 1.49, it is going almost fine, if the ROE should be above 15%, which is at the right level for the investor, if we look at the promoter holding, it is 4.83%, it is a government company, if we come to the promoter holding, it is 84.83%, so if not today, then it is estimated to be 75%, as per the rules and SEBI guidelines, this news of ship sale will come, it is not negative from anywhere The FIR will be 3.32% and this is a zero point four three person condition holding. Here if we go to the profit loss statement, then again we see the OPM percentage, so 9% 5% 6% 4% 3% but now it is trading near its premium level near 10% 13% which is a positive sign. We are talking about where again this is an interesting chart. Why first of all, let us tell you that this stock has not fallen only in March, it has already fallen after making a top and look at that, the level of 2500 has become 1800 from 2500 now this is it. There is an interesting line, when did you take it? Why did you take it? I don’t know but the market always respects the price action which has fallen from the resistance of its double top. This comes very important in front of you and FIR, look, you have supported it in your price section, and the level of 1800 which is a perfect level and what happened from there? If there is a boom, then the technical works, my friend, you should know how to do it in the right way, right? Now here again the resistance of the price section has been seen, how does it look here, if the market is running properly then this is its break out level.


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