Top 3 under value AI stocks Best AI stocks to buy in 2024 All stocks detail analysis

1 - Kelton Tech Solution Company -

Top 3 under value AI stocks Best AI stocks to buy in 2024 All stocks detail analysis

This company provides many services other than IT services like digital transformation and ERP i.e. enterprise resources. In 2014, the company has an order book of 800 crores. If we forget the company’s product and vertical revenue, then if we extract some data, then digital transformation has contributed 82%. So, if we look at it vertically, then 30.4% is from Information Service Technology, 15% from Professional Services and 14% from Health Care and if we look at the price action, then it is trying to tell that this is a demand zone from where it rose, it fell back and with ISI support. The rest is nothing special, and it is moving in a sideways zone and you will find that this is the time of mid-2022. When it made a high and from where it fell and has tried to rally back, that means this is a level pending for a multi and high, this is also an important level.  So we play first. Hi, the most important thing is that I will not go anywhere else first. I will show you that 16.7% shares are pledged, do not forget this at all. The industry’s stock is P 36 and if you see the ratio of P 21.8 and P 36, then it is P 39.6, the P ratio is cheap, but some of the inside level of P 36 is not expensive. If we pay their profit loss statement, then you. If you see the OPM percentage from 2012, then they used to run with a margin of about 15%. It has come down to 9%, which means this is not a good thing from anywhere, if you see the net profit, it is big. But we are keeping an eye on this, Bhaiya, as the company is growing, as the company moves forward, how is it moving, how is it doing? What is the plan to move forward, if you look at it, then it is clear, if you see it clearly according to valuation, then it is the cheapest, but you can not see the rest of the things in any case I cannot ignore that for the promoter’s holding of 52.10% which is 0.44% of the FIR, so this is the story, what do they do, how do they do it, it is most important to understand that you saw negative net profit, but let me show you an interesting learning. So I will tell you that what is seen here, who got this done and secondly the negative point. That. It is important that you please share. That is something never to be forgotten.


2 - Zensar Tech -

Top 3 under value AI stocks
Best AI stocks to buy in 2024
All stocks detail analysis

This is a Mumbai based company which provides distance solutions and text services. The company works in major business segments and digital and application services, it includes application development, maintenance support, modernization and testing services. Digital foundation service category includes digital work space dynamics security and its related services. If we try to see the revenue of the company, then 81.5% of the revenue is coming from digital application service and 18.5% from digital foundation. If you look at the chart, first of all you will find that this is the top from where an attempt will be made to give a breakout, the FIR will fall back and it will go back up and it is stuck here. Now the real game is whether we can get above it only then a real breakout will take place. There, if we come to the fundamentals of the company, then the industry P is 36 and the stock P is 22.4 and PG ratio is 4.0, so PG is expensive.  But as per pie ratio the stock is cheap, whereas if we look at profit loss per share then OPM percentage is maintained at 15% and right now it is 18% 15% we get close to 11% and 17%. If you look at net profit then it says a little, sometimes it is 360, sometimes it is 422, sometimes it is 328, sometimes it is 611. This is a small cap company so this is bound to happen, never forget that this risk always remains in a small cap company, if you see the promoter then there is a holding of 49.201. And here the full interest will come on FIR where there is a holding of 17.12% and 16.45%, so this is a very important criterion.

3 - FL India Company -

Top 3 under value AI stocks
Best AI stocks to buy in 2024
All stocks detail analysis

 This is a global technology company which has a consumer intelligence platform and from this platform the company is added to the recommendations. It converts using its tools. The company also helps in offline business along with online. If we look at their clients then there are big names like Tata, Van, MC, Swiggy and Fossil. If we talk about revenue then 98.4% of it comes from the consumer platform and the reason for this is the CPCU business from where the company is generating 95.8% revenue and 98.4% from the consumer platform and 95.8% revenue from CPU business. So now we move on to the price section. So this is the support level from where April in India.  It happened and it has again kept its support level close and more important than that is that it is trading in a very high range, so two things have happened, one is that it has become the support level of the place and secondly when will it come out of this box, these two things are important, as the product price is bad in the price section, if we talk about the fundamentals, then again the stock PI is 55.5 and the industry P is 36. This is the first stock which is expensive according to the P ratio, but if you go to the PG, then it is 1.02, that is, it is standing at the right place, if we come to the profit loss statement, then if you see the OPM percentage, then it is maintaining around 20%. But in the time of 1920, the OPM percentage was 27 to 28%, if you look at your net profit, then it has increased a little bit and if you do it from the investor’s point of view, then I must have seen 56.92% FIID of the promoter and the holding is of 14.79 and 14.727.

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