Top 3 pharma stocks in 2024 Best pharma stocks to buy Pharma sector analysis

If we talk about the total size, then in 2021 the total marker size of the farmers actor was 14 million dollars, which will become 13 million dollars by 2030, meaning almost three times more and now there has been so much growth and there will be in the coming time but some stock  There are also those who are not able to perform.  But what is their fundamental?  Well, if this was a matter requiring a thought process, then we would look at some such stocks in the Pharma sector which did not perform as well as compared to the rest of the stocks but if the fundamentals are good then there is a viewpoint, it is not a matter of high momentum every time, if the fundamentals of the falling lion  If you are good then you will get some learning.

1 - Caplin Point lab

This company works on sourcing and manufacturing of API and finish formulation. The company has more than 4000 registered products and more than 650 pharmaceutical formulations. The company plans a capex of more than 50 crores in 2024. What does this mean for growth? I am thinking about it and working on it. We will come there in fundamental way. So industry P is 26.9 and stock P is 24 and PG ratio is 1.13. Valuation wise the company is fine and the debt on the company is Rs. 3.38 crore, which means it will be given for free. When we pay the profit and loss account, there is a significant improvement in net profit. It is visible that we are maintaining OPM percentage of around 30 to 31% and after 2020, if we look at quarterly sales to see who is doing what where, then we will show you who is on top in ROE . Ajanta Pharma This is our Caplin, we underline it in a way which you can feel comfortably, it is fine and if you look here, you will get the second number and in Aarohi you will get the first number, you will see the OPM percentage there it is standing at the second number and NPM If you see, you are standing at first place, if you see in comparison of valuation also, it is good. So on the basis of these sub levels the company is looking fine but if you look at the promoter holding here, it is 70.62% which is a big thing, an important observation and the holding of FII and Dii has also increased here.

2 – Newland Laboratories

This company is involved in the manufacturing and sales of medicines. Along with prime and specialty APIs, the company also provides custom manufacturing solutions and currently has 27 ongoing projects. The company gets most of its revenue from CMS.  Now if you have to look at the fundamental ratio of the company, then keep in mind that if you look at it valuation wise, it is cheap in PG ratio and a little expensive in P ratio and the dividend is of 95 crores, so if we see in terms of profit loss, the improvement in net profit has been very good, especially after 2021, there has been a dip in 22, but you are seeing very good improvement in 23 and 24, and if you look at EP, the growth in earning per share is also very good.  The most stressful thing here is this.  The company’s holding was 36.2% which will reduce to 32.74%, this should not be forgotten at all, and the FIR holding is 24.43%, that means definitely if they have saved it then this data clearly shows that in the FIR some big investor has created a position here in the company and has held it.

3 – Gujarat famous biosen

Top 3 pharma stocks in 2024 Best pharma stocks to buy Pharma sector analysis This company manufactures and sells API but to do so they use fermentation process. And by using this process the company increases its productivity and reduces the product cost, both. Hi it is positive, so let us look here again, its fundamental is expensive on PI basis and cheaper on PG basis. If you will get profit loss then you can definitely see a very good improvement in net profit. The most interesting thing is that when you go to PI, see quarterly profit is on the second number, which is how the company is doing.

You will see quarterly sales

ROC on the first number

ROE on the first number

OPM on the first number

NPM on the first number

That is, different companies are trying to do something in a very good way, so the big reason is that here fundamentally you are seeing something in a good way. However, if investor will come in position then 75% was holding of Promoter which is now 70.87% and we are going to see a very good rise in the stock from 2023 Mili 

So these were the three shares of the Pharma which were doing API based work where we tried to show who is doing bad and who is doing good, so this is a perspective so that we can understand in what way the company is doing the work. Which Pharma share do you have? Please tell in the comment and share it with people.

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