Top 3undervalue dividend paying stock Best dividend paying stocks to invest in 2024

First let me make one thing clear that how many ways are there to see different things.  Like on the basis of dividend face value, on the basis of EPS, on the basis of dividend payout, by combining all these I have arrived at the stock values so that you do not have any confusion because what happens is that when I buy a stock, I have some criteria which  It could be best suitable

Let’s start

1 - REC limited company -

Top 3undervalue dividend paying stock
Best dividend paying stocks to invest in 2024
 This is a PSU stock and works under the ministry of power. The main business of the company is to finance the major projects of the power sector and you must remember that under the PM Suryaday Yojana, solar roof top REC company has been chosen to finance the project. The entire revenue of the company comes from interest income but there is an interesting data when you look at their loan book. And this is the thing by which we can understand the growth of a company that their loan book in renewable energy is 57% and renewable energy is the future growth. If you see the weekly chart of REC, you will find that it has increased to a dangerous level and After the price rising to a dangerous level, what can I say, the stock has been completely sideways in a box, what is the reason, it is very simple, if any stock rises from Rs. 120 to Rs. 440 or even to Rs. 520, it will definitely stop, it is fine brother, should I now go ahead a little more I have to go back to FIR after giving profit booking. You see that this is the major demand area on which it is standing, which is going to be its real make or break, that is, or So it will go up from here, it will come down from here, but even if it comes down, it will be a profit booking there. If we come on stock Pi 8.61 and industry P 16.1, stock is undervalued, PG ratio 0.43, it is undervalued here as well. When we pay profit loss then OPM percentage is coming to 95%. If we see net profit then it is in continuous growth phase. And when dividend investor portion will be paid then 52.63% is with the promoter and 20.60% is with him which is big in December quarter. There is a story of 14.16 in Di and how can we make more money in the long term from dividend income plus growth stock, I will tell you about that too, now if we see here that it has given dividend to 14 July 2023 ₹ 4.35

14 August 2023 ₹ 3.00

13 November 2023 ₹ 3:30

28 March 2024 ₹ 4.50

If this gives a total dividend of ₹ 15.25. If we go on 1 April 2023, the share price was ₹ 117.15 If we get dividend income percentage. Nikaalte. Yes, on this basis 13.1% comes in 1 year and the average return of a mutual fund is around 15%. Now if you invest Rs 1 lakh in April, the total return you would get is 379%. There are different good shares, future shares and shares of the sector in which the government is working and even there, in our India, solar roof top has just started, so if it is executed in the right way, then how can this be a dividend It gives better returns. So you must have understood that if dividend income is invested in the right way and at the right place, then it is going to be a great fun.

2 - Power Grid -

Top 5 undervalue PSU stocks PSU stocks for long term Top PSU stocksTalking about its business, the company is India’s largest electric power transmission company, and is also a PSU company. The company has a major contribution in India’s total power sector and such data says that Power Grid has 45% of total power generation in India and NTPC NHPC has 55% and if we talk about inter-state transmission, then power grid has 85% and author company has 15%. Along with this, the company is also working fast in the EV sector and is setting up fast EV charging stations. Currently Power Grid has 16 EV charging stations and apart from this, work is going on at 24 stations, which means work has already started. If you notice, there is no difference between the chart of RAC and the chart of Power Grid.  Hey it is same, very fast and after that in sideways now he is waiting that what should I do, should I go up or down.  If we go by its fundamentals then industry P is 24.4 and stock P is 16.2 and PG ratio is 0.63.  That means the stock is undervalued and if we look at its net profit then you will see that it is in a continuously growing stage. If we come to investment then

The promoter has 51.34%

FII has 30.5%

DI has 14.77%

and it is held strongly and if we look at the dividend payout then it is 67%.

3 - PTC India Company -

This company is in the business of power trading and it is promoted by some of the top power companies of India such as Power Grid NTPC PFC NHPC etc. If we talk about the revenue of the company then where. If you earn 5.8% from an investment of 93.9% on an average, then it is the whole story of Bhaiya power. But if you look at the PI then it is 12.2 and the industry P is 33 which is quite cheap. Please use 0.56 again it is cheap, if we come in profit loss then you. You will see the net profit is increasing tremendously, different pay out is of 52% and if investor gets the payment then

promoter has 16.22%

FI has 29.4%

Oneplus Di has 5.9%

Government has 3.38%

public has 45.0%

Now you will say after seeing the work of the promoter that the government promoter i

s less.


This company’s business is of manufacturing craft paper, writing and printing paper. If we look at their revenue, 60% revenue comes from writing and printing paper, 39.3% from craft paper and 0.8% from adar.

there but if there is a lion on it. If you look closely you will see that industry P is 7.77, stockP is 36.12 and PG ratio is 0.5, which means the stock is undervalued. Well now you see here, when I am ready to shoot for the share price of 120 and its book value is 17 i.e. if it has to trend below the book value then from this angle it is called super under value. If we look at the percentage, the paper has reached the level of at least 14%. That means there was a decline in the open percentage in between but now in the improvement condition, if you look at the promoter holding, it is increasing, it is not decreasing and it is near 68.67% and it is not as if this is set, the promoter holding has increased for a long time This is also very important and FIR has 0.85% and public has 30.48% holding, if you see the dividend payout there, specially now it is 49%. Now let’s go to the most interesting data set, that is, Ruchira paper has given a little growth, rest of the shares have given tremendous growth.

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